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Violet - Amethyst - Standard
"The Amethyst Standard" has a dark amethyst red body and uses a single large-diaphragm center-terminated capsule to provide a modern, detailed sound with airy highs, medium vocal presence and accentuated low-end response. The internal phantom powered preamplifier is a fully discrete Class 'A' transformerless circuit which provides high output, flat audio response and ulta-low distortion and noise.
Our Price: US$1,085.00

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Violet PSM
Shockmount for Pearl and Finger Microphones
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Wheatstone Generation 6 Control Surface
One of our most popular control surfaces, the Generation 6 embodies the feature set of the series¡¦ larger surfaces into a studio-friendly footprint. 

In addition to standard features such as: 4 stereo mix buses, 8 Mix minus busses and 8 character fader displays, the Generation 6 offers an expanded number of AUX sends and increased PRESET options to boost save-recall capability. 

This control also offers the highly requested built in LED VU Meter Bridge.

The GENERATION 6 also allows the MXM bus assignments for a particular source to  be defined in the software and recalled when the  source is  called up on a control surface  fader.

The G-6 is available in 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 or 28 fader configurations.  G-6 can be used in both On Air and Production studios.
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Wheatstone Generation 7 Control Surface
Wheatstone¡¦s latest GENERATION control surface offers you seamless integration to the Bridge Digital Audio Network. 

The GENERATION 7 offers all the features of the G-6 but has been updated to give your studio the ¡¡?¨®futuristic¡¨ look with the floating meter bridge. 

We¡¦ve also added an EQ and Dynamic¡¦s package for every input fader which can also be saved in the control surface presets.
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Wheatstone Generation 8 Control Surface
The Generation 8 is the major market console that handles all the call-ins and remotes you'll encounter.

An optional four faders panel dedicated specifically to call-in segments provide error-free interface to four callers or remotes, each with independent caller feed, independent fader feed, user-selectable talkback communication and adjacent channel linking.

Like it¡¦s sister, the larger G-9, the G-8 has 12 user-programmable buttons, plus additional programmable TALKBACK buttons for IFB functions or studio-to-studio communications.
This control surface also offers you the Digital LCD Meter Bridge display package giving your talent all the information they need.
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Wheatstone SR-9 5.1 Surround Sound Control Surface
ReservedThe SR-9 5.1 Surround Sound Control Surface takes its place as the flagship of Wheatstone Generation Control Surfaces and is the first to offer full 5.1 Surround capabilities. A comprehensive feature set that boosts 4-40 input face channels and direct mix-minus from every input channel facilitates both on-air and production tasks. The surface includes 8 mix-minus busses, 4 stereo auxiliary sends and direct input control on every fader with compressor/limiter and four- band parametric EQ on every channel. User programmable switches allow for easy intercom or special functions setup.
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