LX24 Console / Control Surface


The LX-24 modular control surface has a low-profile, table-top design that allows it to fit into almost any studio situation. The meterbridge features up to four sets of bright, high resolution LED meters, as well as circular LED displays for auxiliary send levels and pan control.

Each input channel can be assigned to four stereo busses, plus four pre/post-selectable aux sends, a stereo CUE bus, four mix-minuses and the panel’s own bus-minus. An LED source name display, an A/B source selector, and two programmable soft buttons are included and a SET button provides access to assignable controls in the master section.

Control room and headphone outputs with level control and source selection are provided, as well as two independent studio monitor outputs. Stereo CUE speakers are built into the meterbridge. Headphones and CUE are delivered to the surface right from the IP network, so there’s no tying up BLADE outputs for the headphone and cue audio.

Console connection very simple, with Cat5e/6 connected to switch. Switch connect all Blades to form a network WheatNet-IP.


Low-profile table-top design

Meterbridge with up to four bright, high-res LED meter sets

Each input channel features:

– Four stereo bus assigns

– Four pre/post-fader aux sends

– Four mix-minuses


Source name display

A/B source selector

2 programmable buttons

EQ and Dynamics including

– 4-band parametric EQ,

– High- and Low-Pass filters,

– Compressor and Expander/Noise gate

Control room and headphone outputs with level control and source selection

Two independent studio outputs

Stereo cue speakers and amplifier, built-into meterbridge

Onboard VGA and USB-Mouse connectors

Event storage (snapshots) and recall

Mix Engine BLADE included

WheatNet-IP Blade Extends for LX-24

With WheatNet-IP BLADE-3s, you get a virtual rack room in a 1-rack space box. They handle all the I/O (AES/EBU, SPDIF, AOIP, MADI, SDI and AES 67) and provide full routing capabilities. Each BLADE-3 gives you two 8×2 utility mixers, 12 universal GPI/O ports, 128 software logic ports, silence detection, built-in audio clip player, stereo multi-band audio processing, and much more, assignable anywhere on the network. With it you can create workflows that would require a ton of third-party gear.

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