E-1 Console/Control Surface

E-1 as a part of the WheatNet-IP network, is ready for the future. The compack design control surface, self-contained chassis that included a monitor and trackpad so that complete control was immediately accessible. The E-1 coupled with our ip88cb Console Audio BLADE, creates a complete, standalone broadcast mixer that’s ready to network whenever you are.

Whether you need to outfit one control room or several, using minimum space and adhering to a tight budget, the E-1 is for you. With its small footprint, built-in touch pad, and full feature set, the E-1 puts the power of a much larger console into a size appropriate for even the most cramped news booth or voice tracking room.

E-1 Console connection very simple, with Cat5e/6 connected to switch. Switch connect all Blades to form a network WheatNet-IP.


  • Digital Control Surface in new compact frameIntegrated LCD Monitor for metering and control

  • Monitor / Channel Display area is angled for better ergonomics and display view

  • Streamlined user interface with password protected access to complex functions via LCD display and touchpad

  • 4 Main Mix Busses

  • Control Room and Studio Monitor Outputs with selectable sources from Audio Network

  • Per Channel bus-minus Output with Selectable Reference Mix and Talkback Interrupt.
    Complex mix-minus setups made simple.

  • 99 Show Presets

  • Available in frames to house 4, 8, 12 and 16 input faders.

  • EQ & Dynamics

  • Includes IP88CBE Console Audio BLADE

  • Works with the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network 

  • Affordable price!

IP-88CBe Console BLADE

The IP88CBE provides powerful interface options, including four AES inputs, four stereo analog inputs, four AES outputs, and four stereo analog outputs on RJ45s; control room and studio stereo analog outputs on XLRs, two mic level inputs with gain trim and switchable phantom power on XLRs; cue and headphone outputs on both RJ45 and 1/4″ TRS and 12 GPI logic ports on RJ45, plus EQ and Dynamics processing.


The Modules

E-1 Input Panel Module

  • A/B BUTTON Located at the top of each fader strip

  • ASSIGN OUTPUT Switches to any combination of the surface’s four stereo Program outputs 

  • TB SWITCH to the BUS MINUS output for that channel.

  • LCD READOUT An 8-character display shows the name of the audio source .

  • CUE Switch Assigns

  • BUS-MINUS/DIRECT OUTPUTS on each channel fader

E-1 Monitor Panel module

  • CUE Determines the overall loudness of the cue signal.

  • SELECT KNOB Serves as a Source signal selector for fader strips.

  • SCREEN SELECT Controls various functions on the GUI.

  • Four LED illuminated user PROGRAMMABLE Buttons


  • CR and HEADPHONE (bottom) 
    These share a bank of source select buttons. Both control room and headphone have dedicated meters and level controls.

  • STUDIO (bottom) This has its own bank of source select buttons, and adds a TB button, allowing the operator to talkback to the studio. The monitor output has options for muting as well as locking the output level.

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